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Active carbon, granulated - ( 500 g )

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Product name

Active coal , Activated carbon , Hydraffin N30


Activated carbon is produced from peat, wood, lignite, coal and walnut (coconut) shell. These materials must first chars. During this process, only a very small pores are made. From the active - the pore system is removed in the unstable substances (hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, etc.). Meanwhile are released the tar products, which are established in a finely porous carbon, thereby freed and made available extensive carbon skeleton. This is done by the action of hot water vapor at a temperature of 900-1100 °C at which the material chars. In this case the oxidation occurs a chemical reaction between carbon and water, the internal surfaces of the carbon, which removes the carbon from the walls of the pores.


For treatment and cleaning of drinking and ground water.
In the industry, such as cleaning products from unwanted impurities:
Cleaning of white sugar to get rid of brown, cleaning cooking oil, cleaning alcohol, cleaning soap etc.
Protection of life and health: Filters to control taste and odor, filters to remove chlorine, removal of harmful organic chemicals, filling of gas masks and so on.


Číslo CAS: 7440-44-0
Číslo EINECS: 931-334-3
Particle size (mesh): 8x30
Appearance: Solid black granulate
Bulk density (kg / m3): 470 ± 30
Moisture content (wt.%): <5
(after packing)
Iodine number (mg / g): 1000 ± 50
Total area (m2 / g): about 950
(BET method)
Hardness (wt.%): 90
Ash content (wt.%): <15
Flash point:> 400 ° C
Flammability (solid, gas): flammable
Relative density: 250-550 kg / m3
Solubility: water-insoluble


Product shall be stored in sealed containers in dry, well ventilated area away from strong oxidizers (chlorine, permanganate and ozone, etc.), ignition sources, combustible materials, and heat.